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Artists' Books Online Personnel

The director of ABsOnline is Johanna Drucker.

The current project manager (2006 ongoing) is Eric Rettberg.

The basic infrastructure at the University of Virginia with assistance from a team of professional library staff and digital humanists: Mike Furlough, Kim Tryka, Annie Schutte, Bradley Daigle, Bess Sadler, and Adam Soroka.

The Advisory Board consists of special collections curators, librarians, artists, and scholars: Deirdre Lawrence, Jae Rossman, Doro Boehme, Peter Verheyen, Craig Dworkin, Kyle Schlesinger, Emily McVarish, Joan Lyons, Pattie-Belle Hastings, Diane Shaw, Brad Freeman, Clifton Meador, Elisabeth Long, Tate Shaw, and Phil Zimmermann (and an extended support group Annette Haines, Pat Thompson, Ernesto Grosman, and others). The main task of the Advisory Board is to help make sure the project serves a broad community of users, maintains professional standards in librarianship, scholarship, and artistic content. It also serves to provide advice for creating a long-term, sustainable resource for scholarship and access to materials in this field.