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Project Statement

by D. Holleley

This book was written while I was the artist in residence at the Workshop in 1997-98. It is based on bedtime stories that I used to tell to my daughter Clare in Australia when she was a much younger girl. I wrote this book for her to function as a kind of “extended letter” while she was finishing her high school studies in Australia. The story is an extended metaphor about the pain and hopefully eventual solace that occurs when things get broken—in this case, a family. Adaminaby was/is the name of the fictional heroine in the childhood stories. She is named after a town in Southern New South Wales that was flooded by a huge dam as part of a post-war reconstruction (irrigation) project. The poignancy of this town sacrificing itself for the common good and above all the sheer beauty of the name always struck a chord. To me it always seemed to be a feminized version of the prototypical Adam, and as such far different in nature to the more obviously female Eve. This book, like “far fetched” is a manifestation of love. In this case the object of the love is far easier to pin point. It is the unwavering love that fathers extend to their daughters.


Douglas Holleley


Douglas Holleley

type: initiating


publication: 1998-00-00

Aesthetic Profile

traditionalism (AAT)

fiction (AAT)

themes: Children's stories and parables. [T. Shaw]

content form:
narrative (local)

publication tradition:
illustrated book (local)

inspiration: A town in New South Wales, Australia, which was flooded for reconstruction projects. [T. Shaw]

related works: Other of the author's works such as Far Fetched. [T. Shaw]

community: workshop Visual Studies Workshop [T. Shaw]

note: Written by the author while in residence at Visual Studies Workshop. [T. Shaw]

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manuscript type: mockups

location: other VSW's Independent Press Archive