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Project Statement

by J. Drucker

Several themes interweave in this book: a feminist rewriting of the history of the world, an opposition between official history and personal memory, a critique of feminist theoretical attitudes towards language as patriarchal, and all sorts of graphical and textual puns and play. The book is a tribute to my mother, and the drum majorette who opens the book is a figure that corresponds to her early years, youth, and activities as a baton twirling teen in Downer's Grove, Illinois. I had learned language, and literature, through an intense and intimate relation with her. The feminist dogma of language as patriarchal didn't fit the erotic and personal experience of my relation to the literary through the relation to her, even male identified as she was. She may have been the law, and the symbolic, but she was fiercely feminine and feminist as well. So the red text erupts through the black, making memory a strain of presence within the history retold.

History of the/my Wor(l)d

Johanna Drucker

title note: The many themes of the book are encoded in the title, and the Word/World and the/my oppositions announce the language/knowledge and history/memory oppositions that are crucial to its textual and conceptual dynamics. [J. Drucker]


Johanna Drucker

type: initiating


born: United States
active: United States
citizenship: United States

birth: 1952-05-30

Publication Information

publisher: Druckwerk

publication: 1990-06-00

publisher: Granary

publication: 1995-09-00

publication history: Two editions of this work were produced. [J. Drucker]

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)

content form:
experimental text (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: Tom Phillips's work inspired me, not A Humument, but some of the works that dealt with sequence as a constraint. [J. Drucker]

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manuscript type: texts

location: artist's archive

note: All in existence.