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Project Statement

by J. Drucker

From _The Century of Artists' Books_: "Though many contemporary artists have made books in which there is a visual narrative, one who works directly in the graphic vein of Ward and Masereel is Eric Drooker. Drooker's book _Home_ (Communicomix, 1986), though more up to date in look and style than his predecessors, follows their conventions. Drooker's images and concerns are more contemporary, his narrative logic more open than Ward's, his critical view less extensive than Masereel's. _Home_ is a dark book. It tells the story of a man who loses his job and spirals downward in a terrifyingly swift passage to utter misery. The drawings have the crudeness of underground comic imagery and the starkness of their expressionist predecessors (214).


Eric Drooker

title note: [J.Drucker]


Eric Drooker

type: initiating


note: The scale and scope of Drooker's work is enormous, and this litle book is just a footnote to a large career, but it is a charming piece of lively and imaginative work. [J.Drucker]

Publication Information

publisher: Communicomix

publication: 1986-00-00

publication history: Published in New York City in 1986, under the rubric of "Communicomix #3." [E. Rettberg]

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)
graphic novels (LCSH)

themes: loss, the city, capitalism, drug use, desperate sex, depression [E. Rettberg]

themes: general darkness, alienation, and despair [J. Drucker]

content form:
graphic novel (AAT)

publication tradition:
comics (local)
illustrated book (local)

note: []

Exhibition Information

exhibition history: unkown.

reception history: _The Century of Artists' Books_, J. Drucker, p. 214