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Project Statement

by B. Freeman

JAB was founded in 1994 in order to encourage lively and serious debate about artists' books. Our mission is to develop the field of artists' books by means of critical discourse and creative exploration of the intersections of book arts, artists' books, poetry, photography, experimental literature, and other book related creative endeavors. As a forum for the study of artists' books, JAB publishes articles, reviews of artists' books and exhibitions, and commentary on conferences as well as other book arts-related activities. JAB also documents current activity through interviews with artists, showcases creative work in the form of artists' statements and artist-designed pages, inserts, and covers.

JAB11: The Journal of Artists' Books

Brad Freeman

title note: On the masthead it says, “The Journal of Artists' Books, JAB11, Spring 1999, ISSN 1085-1461” [K. Shewmaker]


Brad Freeman

type: initiating


born: United States


birth: 1951-01-23

Publication Information

publisher: JAB, 324 Yale Avenue, New Haven, CT, 06515

publication: 1999-00-00 Spring, 1999

publication history: The Journal of Artists' Books (ISSN 1085-1461) is published twice a year, once in Spring and once in Fall. Published, designed, and printed by Brad Freeman. Printed at The Center for Editions, Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY. The text paper is Mohawk Superfine, the cover is Mohawk Vellum. Edition size is approximately 500. [B. Freeman]

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)
artists' books (LCSH) Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman, “Interview with Betsy Davids - Johanna Drucker and Brad Freeman talked with Betsy Davids at her home in Berkeley on July 30, 1998.”
artists' books (LCSH) Article by Tara Hyland, “Creative Meaning-Making: Reading the Bookworks of Lise Melhorn-Boe.”
artists' books (LCSH) Artist's statement by Christian Bök, “(Book)^2”
poetry (AAT) Artist's statement by Christian Bök, “(Book)^2”
visual poetry (AAT) Artist's statement by Christian Bök, “(Book)^2”
artists' books (LCSH) Review of Dave Hornor's Teach Your Children to Tell Time (1999).
artists' books (LCSH) Review of Joan Lyons' Twenty-Five Years Ago (1998).
artists' books (LCSH) Review of Keith Smith's Book 184 (1998).
artists' books (LCSH) Review of Scott McCarney's Far Horizons (1998).
artists' books (LCSH) A JAB profile, “Anton Würth.”
artists' books (LCSH) Brad Freeman's review of the “Artist/Author: Contemporary Artists' Books” catalog and exhibition.
artists' books (LCSH) Article by Mikhail Karasik, “Contemporary Russian Artists' Books.”

content form:
journals (AAT)
collage (local)
non-fiction (AAT)

publication tradition:

small press (local)

related works: The works of Betsy Davids (JAB11 contains images of/from Dreaming Aloud Book Two (1989)); Kenneth Davids' The Softness on the Other Side of the Hole (1976); Betsy Davids' and James Petrillo's Books & Changes (1978 - 81); The works of Lise Helhorn-Boe (JAB11 contains images of/from Suitable for Success (1993), Colour Me Dutiful (1986), Bad Girls Good (1995)); The works of Christian Bok (JAB11 containes images of/from NOYTA CCCP (a poem to complement Ubu Hubbub) (1998)); Dave Hornor's Teach Your Children to Tell Time; Joan Lyons' Twenty-Five Years Ago; Keith Smith's Book 184; Scott McCarney's Far Horizens; The works of Anton Wurth (JAB11 contains images of/from 20. Mai - 4. Oktober (1998) and the installation of Before the Law (1997)); Works exhibited in Artist/Author: Contemporary Artists' Books, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC (1998); Igor Terentyev, Alexy Kruchenikh, Ilya Zdanevich, Duet of Three Idiots (1996); Tanya Lebedeva, Tanyas (Tan'ki) (1994). [K. Shewmaker]

Related Documents

manuscript type: other

location: call number: AOB 40, Yale University Library

note: Yale University Library holds the Journal of Artists' Books (JAB) archive, 1995-2003.