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Project Statement

by D. Frid

“Just Wait and See” is a vexed book and a loose narrative work. It consists of a succession of spreads featuring, on the recto, diagrammatic images of a target and a man with a rifle. These are printed on white cloth with red polka dots. On the verso soft, red flannel is used. As a whole, the book is made with layers of cloth that get cut off pictorially with a sequential build up in mind: on the recto, the gunman obsessively misses the target and eventually blows his head off; and, on the verso, we see the swelling noise he is making (hence the holes). When I made this work, I was reflecting on a vast range of possible states of being and experiences: from desire, exploration and hope, to thoughtless, nihilistic violence. The companion book to this one, “The Whereabouts of the Duke,” addresses the former set of experiences and aspirations. There is a complexity to the experience of “Just Wait and See” that functions on a sensuous level: by making a book that is very tactile—knowable through touch and materially soft—I suggest there is an ambiguous relationship between how the book is made and what it depicts. However it could not depict what it does if it was not made with fabric: the layering and removal of cloth are what build suspense and create a story where the pictorial would otherwise remain static.

Just Wait and See

Dianna Frid

title note: Inside front cover reads, "Just Wait and See A Vexed Book by D. Frid" [S. Strang]


Dianna Frid

type: initiating


born: Mexico
citizenship: Canada

location: Chicago

The Artery Archives

type: initiating


location: Chicago

Publication Information

publisher: The Artery Archives Press

publication: 2002-00-00

Aesthetic Profile


content form:
visual narrative (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: Ulises Carrión’s words Ulises Carrión’s books Wislawa Szymborska’s poetry Clarice Lispector’s writing Pictorial dictionaries and encyclopedias [D. Frid]

related works: The Whereabouts of the Duke (by Dianna Frid) Diderot’s Encyclopedia The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Spanish and English Dictianary [D. Frid]

Related Documents

manuscript type: other

location: www.diannafrid.net

General Comments

The books-which are one-of-a-kind sculptures or small multiple editions-are accumulations of sequential moments and operate as vessels of time. In them, we explore the possibilities of the book object as a vehicle for meaning through form and through alluded narrative. Very often, the most rudimentary qualities of the materials chosen-mainly cloth and thread, but also paper, photocopies, and photographs-are used to conjure a layered space within a sequence. In their format, the Artery Archives books consist of beginnings, middles and endings. These limitations are handled to evoke in each work an eventful passing, be it specific, ambiguous and/or interpretive. []