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Project Statement

by S. Muradi

The work is compact and light, contains short chapters and detailed imagery. As displayed on the copyright page, the work's text is "composed of words and phrases found in Aaron Edward S, 'Assignment Budapest' and Russell Bertrand, 'The ABC of Relativity'." The story is about a "little gray man" and his experience at a train station, where the hands on the clock seem to move ever so slowly. He hears voices and laughter on a loud speaker and encounters a man who advises him about travel. The images, with their intricate detail and dark red color, add to the understanding of the text and experience of the protagonist.

Moving Platforms

Emily McVarish

title note: Above the author's name on the cover, printed vertically, the subtitle reads "Composite Narrative Number One." [S. Muradi]


Emily McVarish

type: initiating


active: United States

Publication Information

publisher: OTTO

production: 1991-08-25
publication: 1991-00-00

Aesthetic Profile

concrete poetry (AAT)

visual poetry (AAT)

themes: desolation, travel, movement of time and space [S. Muradi]

content form:
fiction (AAT)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: The words and phrases in the work were inspired by Aaron Edward S.'s Assignment Budapest and Russell Bertrand's The ABC of Relativity. [S. Muradi]