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Project Statement

by B. Katz

My Flag is a serious fantasy about the formation of the American democracy using the flag as a metaphor. All of my artist’s books are conceived as linear visual narratives. The original linoleum cuts are issued in offset-printed editions. Most are in black and white and are wordless. The covers are in color.This form interested me because it seemed to offer the possibility of conveying meaning in a different way than through the use words and written language alone which, although essential, can be restrictive in its specificity. A wordless book, narrative-driven, with visual clues alone, left room for the free play of imagination, memory, intuition, emotion and esthetic perception on the part of the reader. It engaged the reader on an altogether different level that I hoped would be illuminating and rich. The stories are metaphoric, aphoristic and spare. The themes are diverse. The books are small—the largest being seven by nine inches and forty pages. Black and white relief-printed imagery had to bear the burden of proof for this kind of condensed visual storytelling.

My Flag

Babette Katz

title note: [T. Shaw]


Babette Katz

type: initiating


publication: 1995-00-00

note: [T. Shaw]

Visual Studies Workshop Press

type: initiating


location: Rochester, New York

Publication Information

publisher: Visual Studies Workshop Press

publication: 1995-00-00

publication history: One edition of 700 offset printed books from linoleum cuts by the artist. [T. Shaw]

Aesthetic Profile

situationist (AAT)

dissident Art (AAT)
political art (AAT)

themes: The subjective repositioning of public, national symbols. [T. Shaw]

content form:
Pperformance document (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)
activist (local)
visual narrative (local)
Wood and linoleum cut sequences

inspiration: [T. Shaw]

related works: Jasper Johns' Flag works, Keith Haring's figures are visually related [T. Shaw]

other influences: []

community: workshop Visual Studies Workshop [T. Shaw]

note: []

Exhibition Information

exhibition history:

reception history:

Related Documents

manuscript type: mockups

location: other Press sheets and mockups are archived at Visual Studies Workshop


General Comments