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Project Statement

by J.Drucker

The work was created as a response to a relationship gone wrong. The tone and production details express a combination of anger, wry commentary, frustration, and confusion. Comprised of images of the author posed in various ways to suggest sadistic and masochistic acts and two letters from a man met through a personal ad, the book was a quickly produced and very personal piece by contrast to the controlled and elegantly designed work Butler usually made at the time.

Occult Psychogenic Misfeasance

Frances Butler

title note: [J.Drucker]


Frances Butler

type: initiating


citizenship: US


note: []

Publication Information

publisher: Poltroon Press

publication: 00/00/1980

publication history: At least two editions of this book were produced, since this is the second. [J.Drucker]

Aesthetic Profile

feminism (AAT)

autobiography (AAT)

themes: Relationships, gender issues, emotional states and misperceptions. [J.Drucker]

content form:
memoir (AAT)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: The personal ad and the world of random encounters. [J.Drucker]

related works: The genre of women's artist's books about bad relationships has many examples. [J.Drucker]

other influences: Surrealist images, such as the self-portraits of Claude Cahun, and images by Man Ray and Hans Bellmer, but it isn't clear whether or not these are explicit influences or just works with a shared visual sensibility. [J.Drucker]

community: press Poltroon Press. [J.Drucker]

note: []

Exhibition Information

exhibition history:

reception history:

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