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Project Statement

by S. Strang

Peel is one of a small series of (small) books created in edition from found materials during my graduate studies at the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago. Materials were all found in downtown Chicago, mostly inside School of the Art Institute buildings. The accordion "strips" in Peel are the waxed paper adhesive covers from 25 cent institutional maxi pads. The strips interested me as a material that was simultaneously ludicrous (really, how many times does it need to tell a user to "peel"?), and compelling in their crisp, almost nautical symmetry. I collected them from bathroom floors and waste receptacles over several months before encountering the banana image that would ultimately complete the piece, in a grocery store circular.


Susannah Kite Strang

title note: The title is taken from the printed label that forms the book's accordion structure. [S. Strang]


Susannah Kite Strang

type: initiating


citizenship: U.S.

birth: 00-00-1974 00-00-1974

note: []

Publication Information

publisher: self published

production: 00-00-1998 - 00-00-1999 00-00-1998 - 00-00-1999

publication history: []

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)

themes: []

content form:
appropriated text (local) The appropriated title, in its sometimes-truncated repetition, becomes a poetic text of sorts.

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: Inspired first by the pointless wandering that so often accompanies intensive graduate study, I was also influenced by Dieter Roth's books, including 4 Novellen (four pamphlets in a pouch) and Bok 3b und Bok 3d, which is comprised of bound comic strips and coloring book/newspaper pages die-cut with holes. A futher influence was the German artists' book periodical Zeitschrift fur Tigel und Tumult, which features found material. Also worth mentioning is the Andy Warhol album by the Velvet Underground, featuring the iconic banana image on its cover. [S. Strang]

related works: My Charm & Merit Pamphlet Series continues the exploration of found and appropriated commercial product labels through a more diaristic lens. [S. Strang]

other influences: This work was influenced in part by the dumpster-diving and trash art activities of Providence, Rhode Island's Fort Thunder collective. The aesthetics of this subculture defined my undergraduate artmaking and continues to permeate my work. [S. Strang]

community: school The School of the Art Institute [S. Strang]

note: []