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Project Statement

by J.Drucker

Daniel Mellis's project is a parody of Ed Ruscha's Various Small Fires, and other bookworks from the 1960s.

Several Split Fountains and a Jack

Daniel Mellis

title note: "Several Split Fountains" appears on front cover while the second part of the title appears only on the title page. [S. Muradi]


Daniel Mellis

type: initiating


Jack of All Trades Press

type: initiating


location: Chicago

Publication Information

publisher: The Jack of All Trades

publication: 2007-00-00

publication history: One edition only. [J.Drucker]

Aesthetic Profile

conceptual (AAT)
pop (AAT)

artists' books (LCSH)

themes: Printing processes, ink, split fountain printing, and book arts history. [J.Drucker]

content form:
visual narrative (local)
picture book (AAT)

publication tradition:
multiples (AAT)

inspiration: Ed Ruscha's artist's books. [J.Drucker]

related works: Clifton Meador's Bad Printing, Bruce Nauman's L.A.A.I.R. and Ed Ruscha's books. [J.Drucker]

other influences: Hard to say, but the wit in this suggests awareness of other artists and parodic works. [J.Drucker]

community: unknown [J.Drucker]

note: Smart, funny, well-made, and wonderfully excute, this book makes its point graphically and is beautiful in its own right, not just a parody. [J.Drucker]

Exhibition Information

exhibition history:

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General Comments