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Production Narrative

by J.Drucker

The covers are letterpress printed, and I suspect the inside color blocks are as well. They smell strongly of fresh ink. All the colors in each split fountain are identified on the "Table of Colors" slipped into the book after the image of a Jack.

Critical Analysis


Design Features

typographic: A variant of Stymie or other Egyptian slab face is printed in red on the cover, with very deep impression. The "Table of Colors" is printed in sans serif Gothic, clean and dark.

imagery: Split ink fountains printed in very thick ink, and one image of a Jack.

graphical: Layouts are clean, placement of the color blocks and minimal type all nicely done and well-composed so that the book feels very deliberate in its graphical presentation.

openings: Color on the right, blank on the left.

turnings: Not used in any significant way, except to register the shifts in color.

development: The Jack is a punchline element, a funny non-sequitor.

sequence: None to speak of that register semantically, except that the repetition of the split fountains allows the Jack to be perceived as a joke or comment.

textual: Title, copyright, and Table of Colors comprise the entire text of this book.

structure: Strong paper, good cover stock, well-trimmed, handles well.

conceptual: As a parody comment and extension of (even homage to) Ruscha, it is well conceived and executed.


scultpural features:

temporal features:

other features:

Critical Discussion

This is a work that performs its historical commentary through its execution and form. The aesthetic features are the work, and they are engaging in their own right as well as for their meta-commentary on precedents.

Detailed Analysis

Several Split Fountains and a Jack

title note: A parody of Seven Small Fires and Milk (and other titles) by Ed Ruscha. [J.Drucker]


Daniel Mellis

type: initiating


Jack of All Trades Press

type: initiating


location: Chicago

Daniel Mellis

type: initiating


Jack of All Trades Press

type: initiating


location: Chicago

Publication Information

edition type: editioned

publisher: The Jack of All Trades

place: Chicago, IL

publication: 2007-00-00

edition size: 20 Numbered Copies.


horizontal: 8.5 inches closed

vertical: 11 inches closed

depth: 0.3 inches closed

Production Information

production means:
relief (AAT)

binding: hand sewn (local)

bookBlock: paper

ink (local)

other materials:


general description:

format: pamphlet (AAT)

cover: Off-white card stock with the title spaced out in three parts along the center of the cover.

color: yes


item: Small loose sheet entitled "Table of Colors" found inside the back cover lists names for the color sets.


pagination: unpaginated 36

numbered?: numbered

signed?: unsigned