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Project Statement

by Frau Fiber

A look book is a catalog style publication used by fashion design houses to promote their current collections. The Surviving Weimar Look Book contains editorial images of the garments produced for SL MODE: one size fits all. The imagery depicts an overweight forty-year-old woman as a fashion icon.

Surviving Weimar Look Book

Carole Frances Lung Frau Fiber

title note: []


Carole Frances Lung Frau Fiber

type: initiating


active: U.S.

birth: 00-00-1966 00-00-1966

note: Frau Fiber is Lung's artist/activist pseudonym [S. Strang]

Joe Kramm

type: other


Publication Information

publisher: self published

publication: 00-00-2007 00-00-2007

publication history: []

Aesthetic Profile

feminism (AAT)

public art (AAT)

themes: Surviving Weimar takes on multiple themes including body politics, social expectation, cultural displacement, and labor. [S. Strang]

content form:
Pperformance document (local) Frau Fiber produced the Look Book as an extension of SL MODE: one size fits all, an extensive project with performance components in Weimar, Germany.

publication tradition:
catalogue (AAT) Although approached critically, Frau Fiber's look book functions as a true catalog as well as an interrogation of the form.

inspiration: []

related works: Frau Fiber's production-based performances and activities all have strong thematic relationships and approach labor issues through garment construction. Other projects can be seen at www.fraufiber.com and www.koenterprises.info [S Strang]

other influences: Frau Fiber identifies as nomadic, which can be read as an influence throughout her work and is especially apparent within the ailenation themes of Surviving Weimar.s of [S. Strang]

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Exhibition Information

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General Comments