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Project Statement

by L. Carré

Woodsman Pete is a collection of short comic stories about a Hermit who lives in the woods. He reflects upon his own history to the point that it begins to distort itself, as he carries on wandering conversations with his furniture, the natural environment around him, and most frequently with his bear rug, whom he calls Philippe. This is the first installment of three self-published mini-comics, which were eventually collected and published as a book in 2006.

Tales of Woodsman Pete

Lilli Carré

title note: Title on cover includes, "With Full Particulars" [S. Strang]


Lilli Carré

type: initiating


citizenship: U.S.

birth: 1983-08-18 1983-08-18

note: []

Publication Information

publisher: self-published

publication: 2004-00-00 2004-00-00

publication history: []

Aesthetic Profile



themes: []

content form:
comics (AAT) Carré states that she describes Woodsman Pete as a comic because of the format, and objects when critics (presumably trying to communicate the "short story" quality of the narrative and perhaps lend critical "weight") choose to describe her work as graphic novels.

publication tradition:
comics (local)

inspiration: RAW magazine, Big Questions, Quimby the Mouse, my grandmother [L. Carré]

related works: Deep Sea Diving, A Pictorial History of the Great Outdoors [L. Carré]

other influences: []

community: school The School of the Art Institute of Chicago [S. Strang]

community: class Offset Printing, taught by Katy Fischer with press operator Todd Rau [S. Strang]

note: Tales of Woodsman Pete was printed on the now-defunct Heidelberg offset press at SAIC [S. Strang]

Exhibition Information

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