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Project Statement

by T. Shaw

This book of photographs is, in effect, a poetry collection of found language. Since the mid-1960’s, Lyons has practiced photography as a form of writing. He is well known for “extending the frame” of photography for experiential displays and often works in a series within sequence structure. This project’s series component is verbal findings in the mostly human-made, urban landscape including graffiti writing, advertisements, and other signage. Placed within Lyons’ cunning visual sequence, these verbal statements comment on one another engaging in a socio-political conversation that spans from the Mesozoic Era to the distant future.

Verbal Landscape/Dinosaur Sat Down

Nathan Lyons

title note: [T. Shaw]


Nathan Lyons

type: initiating


born: United States
citizenship: United States
active: United States

birth: 1930-01-10

note: []

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

type: initiating


CEPA Gallery

type: initiating


Publication Information

publisher: Albright-Knox Art Gallery and CEPA Gallery

production: 1987-05-00

publication history: One edition of 2,000 copies distributed by Albright-Knox Gallery of Art, CEPA Gallery, and Visual Studies Workshop Press in association with the exhibition "Riding First Class on the Titanic" of which these photographs are a part [T. Shaw]

Aesthetic Profile

postmodern (AAT)
language poetry (local)

comedy (AAT)
street art (AAT)
photographs (LCSH)

themes: Democracy, Social History, Communication through public display [T. Shaw]

content form:
picture book (AAT)
experimental text (local)

publication tradition:
exhibition catalogue (local) From a larger body of photographs, the exhibition and book Riding First Class on the Titanic

inspiration: []

related works: Lyons' other books Riding First Class on the Titanic, Notations in Passing, After 9/11, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Robert Frank's The Americans [T. Shaw]

other influences: []

community: school Nathan Lyons is founder and longtime director of the Visual Studies Workshop as well as a founding member of the Society of Photographic Education. He is a fixture in the international photographic community [T. Shaw]

note: []

Exhibition Information

exhibition history:

reception history:

Related Documents

manuscript type: mockups

location: other Press sheets exist in the Visual Studies Workshop Press Archives

note: Without a doubt, numerous manuscripts of various type exist in the artist's personal archives in Rochester, New York

General Comments